Check out our showreel, which was filmed in our studio by creating a virtual stage using an LED wall.

LED Controller NovaStar MCTRL 4K

2592mm * 1371px  |  2304 mm * 1219px  |  1,6Mpx

2356mm* 1828px  |  2304 mm * 1219px  |  2,29Mpx

TOTAL: 3,89Mpx

About Us

Are you organizing events online? Come and see our new studio facilities in Helsinki’s Suutarila.

We carry out live broadcasts, webinars, recordings and video productions with expertise and the implementation is always done on a turnkey basis.

red room with keyboards, studio gear and displays

Over 4 meters high, the fully soundproofed LIVE production space ready for your creative process.

By connecting control rooms to your project, you can seamlessly implement, for example, podcast and voiceover recordings, streaming broadcasts or entire cost-effective video and audio productions.

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Studio Lampputie:

  • VIRTUAL LIVE -production space, where e.g. LED wall, Green Screen and Chroma key carpet
  • video control/editing room
  • sound control/editing room
  • lounge for creative work
  • dining room / kitchenette
  • makeup + toilet / shower

The premises of Lamp Factory can be rented with professional staff or for independent work lock-out starting from 390 € / day.

With the help of our partner network, we can offer the staging you want, both digital and physical, 360 shots and catering.


a portrait: Mikko

Mikko Kierikki
Creative Director / Founder

a portrait: Niklas

Niklas Ahlsved
Studio Director

a portrait: Aku

Aku Hietikko
Visual Director

a portrait: Antti

Antti Puhakka
Event Producer

a portrait: Kevin

Kevin Buy
Visual Artist

a portrait: Aki

Aki HImanen
Music Director

a portrait: Miska

Miska Kajanus

a portrait: Sofi

Sofi Häkkinen
Visual Artist

Samuli Kinnunen
3D Artist & Animator


Lampputie 12, 00740 Helsinki

+358 408414217

Lampputie 12, 00740 Helsinki

+358 408414217

Free demonstration

Let’s schelude you a free demonstration at our Studios. Please, leave us your contact information and we’ll contact you soon: